Top Trends Libraries for Java

Versions Plugin for Maven. The Versions Plugin updates the versions of components in the POM.

Jan 18, 2022
20 usages

Builds a Web Application Archive (WAR) file from the project output and its dependencies.

Sep 05, 2021
5 usages
Feb 26, 2016
560 usages
41k stars

Spring AOP

Jan 13, 2022
1k usages

SQLite JDBC library

Aug 30, 2021
722 usages

XmlBeans main jar

Dec 29, 2021
366 usages

Types that extend and augment the Java Collections Framework.

Nov 12, 2015
2k usages

Data Mapper package is a high-performance data binding package built on Jackson JSON processor

Nov 06, 2012
1.1k usages
Jan 06, 2022
143 usages
1k stars

SLF4J Simple binding

Jan 13, 2022
7k usages
1.8k stars

Java DSL for easy testing of REST services

Jan 21, 2022
1k usages
5k stars

Ultimate JDBC Connection Pool

Jan 10, 2022
1.2k usages
16k stars

dom4j: the flexible XML framework for Java

Sep 19, 2005
746 usages

Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server.

Dec 18, 2021
384 usages
848 stars

Starter for building WebFlux applications using Spring Framework's Reactive Web support

Jan 20, 2022
508 usages

Starter for building MVC web applications using Thymeleaf views

Jan 20, 2022
382 usages

Java client for Appium Mobile Webdriver

Dec 22, 2021
200 usages
959 stars
Jan 06, 2022
185 usages
22 stars

JSch is a pure Java implementation of SSH2

Nov 26, 2018
725 usages

Spring Transaction

Jan 13, 2022
1.8k usages

A plugin to allow execution of system and Java programs

Jun 01, 2020
20 usages

The MyBatis SQL mapper framework makes it easier to use a relational database with object-oriented applications. MyBatis couples objects with stored procedures or SQL statements using a XML descriptor or annotations. Simplicity is the biggest advantage of the MyBatis data mapper over object relational mapping tools.

Dec 25, 2021
968 usages
16k stars

Starter for using Tomcat as the embedded servlet container. Default servlet container starter used by spring-boot-starter-web

Jan 20, 2022
301 usages
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