org.orbisgis : poly2tri

Dec 06, 2021

Add dependency in Maven / Gradle


1. Add dependency to a Maven project

Maven: Add the org.orbisgis:poly2tri library to the dependencies element of your pom.xml file:


To install org.orbisgis:poly2tri library use the following command:

mvn install

2. Add dependency to a Gradle project

Gradle Groovy DSL: Add the org.orbisgis:poly2tri library to the dependencies section of your build.gradle file:

dependencies {
implementation 'org.orbisgis:poly2tri:0.3.0'

Gradle Kotlin DSL: Add the org.orbisgis:poly2tri library to the dependencies section of your build.gradle.kts file:

dependencies {

3. Add dependency to a SBT Scala project

Scala: Add the org.orbisgis:poly2tri library to your build.sbt file:

libraryDependencies += "org.orbisgis" % "poly2tri" % "0.3.0"

4. Add dependency to a Grape project

Grape: Add an annotation org.orbisgis:poly2tri library to your groovy script file:


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